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Why DVC Rentals Makes So Much Sense for so Many Disney Vacation Club Members

As a DVC Member, you already know the unmatched value your membership provides for memory-filled, magical vacations to Walt Disney World. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way and circumstances don’t allow you to use all your points each Use Year. 

Through Griswold’s Magical Memories, you can offer your points to rent to vacationers planning a WDW vacation.  We offer a turn-key, no hassle service. You will receive $19 ($US) for every point rented for reservations more than 7 months in advance of check-in and $17 for every point rented for reservations less than 7 months in advance of check-in. You will receive 50% payment at the time the reservation is confirmed, and the balance at the reservation check-in date. The money flows to you via PayPal automatically. Just sign-up to let us rent your points for you and sit back and watch the money roll in.

The Rental Process

​​You will receive $16 for each point rented for reservations more than 7 months in advance of check-in and $15 for every point rented for reservations less than 7 months in advance of check-in. Often it takes just days, but it may take several weeks or possibly months. If there is a certain date they need to be rented by (possibly you need to bank them), please let us know.

There are many variables involved in how fast points will rent:

  • Expiration of the points.
  • Home Resort
  • Time of the year

We DO NOT require a minimum contract of points. Unlike other DVC rentals companies, we are happy to help you as a Disney Vacation Club Member rent any number of your unused DVC points. These can be a combination of points from your previous, current or future Use Year allocations.

Points should be listed for rent as soon as you know you won't be using them. Points that are eligible to book when the 11-month reservation window opens are the most sought-after, but most of the points we rent are for reservations between 10 and 7 months in advance of check-in.

Please note that we do not rent existing reservations. If you have an existing reservation you cannot use, it is best to cancel it, have the points returned to your account, and then post them with us for rental.

The process to assist you with point rentals is very simple.

We use a standard intermediary agreement to authorize us to act as your broker in finding guests to rent your points.

Once we have an executed agreement, we place your points in our queue to be rented.

We receive requests from vacationers every day. Their requests include all of the details for their stay, including room type, resorts, dates, names, addresses etc.

We contact Member Services to check availability and work with the vacationer to find alternate accommodations if their first choices are not available.

Once accommodations are confirmed as available, we call or e-mail you to confirm you are available to make a reservation for the guest. We send the Vacationers' reservation request to 3-5 DVC Owners who have posted points with us that match the reservation request. We send the Vacationers' reservation request to the first DVC Owner to respond. 

You then make the reservation and provide us with the confirmation number.

50% of the funds due to you are immediately transferred to you via PayPal at the time the reservation is confirmed (pending our receipt of funds from the guest, which we require within 48-hrs of a confirmed reservation or they forfeit the reservation) or sent to you via check if you prefer. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can open one here.

Note: The balance of funds owed to you are paid on the day after the guest checks in.

Reservations made by vacationers are NON REFUNDABLE so you get your money regardless. We hold back 50% of the rental fee to ensure that the vacationer (renter) has a room on arrival. You are required to keep your DVC dues current so as not to void any reservations.

If you need more information or have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

Receiving Payment via PayPal

The most expedient way for you to receive the funds from rental of your points is via PayPal. Click here to set-up your free account

Cancellation Policy

All Vacationers who rent your points do so with full knowledge their reservation (and payment to you) are entirely non-refundable. Here is the Cancellation Policy we share with Vacationers:

Due to the complexity of the point system and the fact that Members may have to bank or borrow points in order to secure your reservation, cancellations are not permitted. The lead guest name must also remain the same due to a rental agreement between the guest and the member, however, you are permitted to add or delete the additional guests listed in the room with you. You may want explore the possibilities of adding Travel Insurance to protect yourself against unexpected situations.

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