Q: How does the Griswold's Magical Memories Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Point Rental work?

​A: Our program is essentially an online match-making service. We have Disney Vacation Club Members (Owners) who receive an annual allotment of points as part of their membership. These points expire if not used. Many times, as years go on, folks find they are not able to use their points every year. That is where Griswold’s Magical Memories comes in.

We work to match our DVC Members with Vacationers like you. The result is a win-win. The Members get cash for points that would otherwise go to waste, and the Vacationer gets Deluxe Villa accommodations at a cost that is drastically lower than booking exactly the same accommodation directly through Disney Central Reservations. (Click here to see actual examples of savings: http://www.griswoldsmagicalmemories.com/savings.html)

In every respect, you are treated just as every other guest staying at an on-site Disney Resort. By renting, you are simply staying in a Deluxe Villa “as the guest” of the Member from who you rented the points.

As mentioned, we are always happy to answer any questions. We know you have option when renting points from other larger brokers. We pride ourselves, as a small family-run business, on providing very responsive and personalized service. 

Please send along any other questions, or if you are ready to make a no-obligation, free Reservation Request, you may do so here: Griswold's Magical Memories Vacationers

Q: How can I contact you if I have trouble finding the information I want?
A: You can contact us by either e-mail or phone at russ@GriswoldsMagicalMemories.com or at (508) 316-9179.

Q: How far in advance should I book my Disney Vacation Club Villa?
A: The sooner the better. DVC owners can book villas 11 months in advance of check-in. If possible, you should try to have your reservation request submitted a full 11 months in advance. That is not to say you are out of luck if you miss that booking window. Changes, cancellations, and other factors play a role, and sometimes great Villas are available well after the 11-month booking window. We won’t know if your dates are available until we call DVC Member Services for you to confirm. Many, many customers get great Villas as few as 1-2 months in advance, but, again, the sooner you submit your reservation request, the greater the chance we’ll be able to find you exactly what you want.

Q: How much do you charge per point?
A: We charge $17 per point for reservations made more than 7 months in advance, and $16 per point for reservations made less than 7 months in advance.  That is the lowest rental price available anywhere. We urge you to price shop and compare…..because we know we are the best and LOWEST! (Note: Disney accepts reservations at its Disney Vacation Club resorts starting 11 months before date of check-in.)

Q: How can I determine how many points I need to rent for my Disney vacation?
A: The beauty of Disney Vacation Club is the flexibility it offers in terms of when you want to stay, for how long, in what type of accommodations, and at what resort. To help you get a simple answer to “How many points do I need,” we provide a simple automated points calculator. Simply click here and scroll down the left column. You can’t miss it!


Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: Absolutely not. None. Zero. Zilch. You pay  $16 or $17 per point and not a penny more.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Q: Is there any way I can check DVC Villa availability before I fill out the Reservation Request Form?
A: Unfortunately, no. Disney Central Reservations does have the ability to reserve you a room, but the inventory they have access to is much smaller than that which is available to DVC Owners (Members.) Very often, you will be told nothing is available when calling Central Reservations, while at the same time, we have access to plenty of available Villas.

Q: How do I make a reservation request so you can check availability?
A: Simply fill out our short form by clicking here and we’ll get busy checking availability for you. (NOTE: Some online companies who offer a similar service to ours charge you for this service. We do not. Never have. Never will. You don’t owe a thing until your reservation is confirmed.)

Q: Once my reservation is made, do I get a confirmation number?
A: Yes. Absolutely. That is one of the reasons you can book with us with full confidence and peace of mind. We have set up our system so that once you receive your confirmation, you can log-in with a link we provide that takes you straight to DVC’s Members–Only page where you can view your reservation in detail. It’s the kind of peace of my mind we would want. So we make sure you offer it to you.

Q: What are the Terms of Payment for my reservation?
A: Your full rental fee is due at the time your reservation is confirmed. Once we have your confirmation, you have 48 hours to make payment using our secure, online form. All sales are final and cannot be cancelled. You can see our Cancellation Policy (and the reasons for it) on the Vacationers Page.

Q: Do you have any references?
A: Yes, lots! Because we are a small, family run business, though (and not experts at web programming) we use our Facebook page  for a past customers to submit reviews, ratings, and such. You can see the reviews here. We have been proudly renting DVC Points to Vacationers just like you for over 20 years, and not once has there ever been a dissatisfied customer. Walt Disney World is all about smiles, and so are we!

Q: Are Theme Park Admission Tickets included in my rental?
A: No. You must buy your own tickets, but you do receive all the same benefits as a Disney Vacation Club Owner (Member) during your (and before) your stay. This includes free resort transportation, free parking, admission of all special events (like Early Magic Park Admission) and a host of other exclusive benefits.

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?
A: No. All sales are final due to the complexities of using, banking, and borrowing DVC Points. Read our Cancellation Policy here by scrolling down to the lower right column.

Q: Can I use Disney’s Online Check-in?
A: Absolutely. Remember, with your confirmed reservation, you are treated just like any other DVC Owner (Member.) You can use Disney’s Online Check-in to simplify and streamline your arrival. DVC Owners (Members) and their Guests (that would be you!) with a confirmed reservation can use  the following link: Disney’s Online Check-in.  You can begin accessing your online check-in access 60 days prior to your arrival. You will be able to view your complete reservation details, add room requests, and other make use of other services, just like any other DVC Owner (Member.)

Q: Will I get daily housekeeping service at my Villa?
A: Because these Villas are premiere, condo-like, accommodations, they are treated differently than standard WDW Resort hotel rooms. You will get exactly the same service afforded to DVC Owners (Members) including trash & towel services on Day 4 of stays between 4 and 8 nights. If your stay is for 8 nights or more (lucky you!) you will receive full housekeeping service on Day 4 and trash & towel service on Day 8. After that, the cycle begins again, starting with trash and towel service on Day 12.

Q: Can we use Disney Magical Express for airport transfers?
A: Of course. If you’d like this service added to your confirmed reservation, contact us at russ@GriswoldsMagicalMemories.com and put ADD MAGICAL EXPRESS TO MY RESERVATION in the Subject Line. We will reply requesting the information we need to add it to your reservation. Please note that in order to add this to your reservation we must receive your request a minimum of 14 days before check-in.

Q: Can we add Disney Dining packages to our reservation?
A: Yes, by all means. Roughly 15% of our customers do just that. If you’d like Disney Dining added to your confirmed reservation, contact us at russ@GriswoldsMagicalMemories.com and put ADD DISNEY DINING TO MY RESERVATION in the Subject Line. We will reply requesting the information we need to add it to your reservation.  Please note that in order to add this to your reservation we must receive your request a minimum of 21 days before check-in.​

Q: Can I use My Disney Experience with my reservation?
A: Yes you can. If you do so, it is critically important to be sure the names and e-mail addresses on your reservation exactly match the names and e-mail addresses on your "My Disney Experience" profile and the names and e-mail addresses you have attached to any dining reservations. 

DVC Owners (Members)

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Questions? Call us!  (508) 809-7002

Q: How can I contact you if I have trouble finding the information I want?
A: You can contact us by either e-mail or phone at russ@GriswoldsMagicalMemories.com or at (508) 316-9179.

Q: Is this legal? Does Disney Vacation Club allow Owners (Members) to rent points like this?
A: Absolutely.  While Disney does not promote the fact Owners (Members) can rent their unused points, they do not prohibit it. We have done it ourselves with our own points since the 1990s, and have done it for Owners (Members) just like you since 2000. You can rest assured this is completely within the rules of your DVC ownership contract .

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