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Griswold’s Magical Memories  - Intermediary Agreement

Agreement to offer Disney Vacation Club Points for rent through Griswold’s Magical Memories.

This electronic agreement is made <INSERT DATE> by and between <INSERT DVC OWNER> ('DVC Member') and Griswold’s Magical Memories ('Intermediary').

The DVC Member authorizes the Intermediary to seek renters (vacationers) of the DVC Points indicated below in this agreement.

Both the DVC Member and the Intermediary acknowledge they are familiar with and fully understand the policies and procedures for Disney Vacation Club membership.

By this agreement, Intermediary agrees to:

a.) Solicit vacationers who are seeking a reservation for which the DVC Member’s points can be used.

b.) Contacting Disney Vacation Club's Member Services to confirm availability of a reservation request from a vacationer for which the DVC Member’s points can be used.

c.) Contact the DVC Member when a vacationer requests a rental for which the DVC Member’s points can be used.

d.) Collect payment from the vacationer for reservations made by the DVC Member

f) Create and secure a rental agreement from the vacationer, to be kept on file by the Intermediary.

g) Pay the DVC Member for points used to the secure reservation(s), at the agreed price, 50% at time of rental confirmation and the balance on day after vacationer check-in at a DVC Resort

h) Ensure that the vacationer's reservations are fulfilled to the vacationer's satisfaction

i) Provide the Member with necessary information from the vacationers if a Disney Dining plan is requested by the vacationer

NOTE: The Intermediary is not be responsible for any unused points or points which expire prior to being rented.

By this Agreement, the DVC Member agrees to:

a) Provide the Intermediary with full details on how many points are available for rentals

b) Provide the Intermediary information regarding the Home Resort to which the points are assigned.

c) Advise the Intermediary as to which Use Year the points are assigned.

d) Advise the Intermediary as to whether points may be banked or borrowed in order to secure and confirm reservation requests.

e) Keep maintenance fees and any loans associated with the DVC Member’s ownership current at all times.

f) Keep the membership in the Disney Vacation Club current and active so confirmed reservations cannot be cancelled by Disney vacation Club member Services or its authorized agent(s.)

g) Honor all reservations made for which funds (partial or full) have been received.

h) Maintain an active PayPal account to which payment for funds collected from the vacationer for the rental will be made.

i) Send all reservation confirmations to the Intermediary the day they are made.

j) Fulfill the request of adding dining plans, Magical Express and room requests when requested by the vacationer.

k.) Not to list the points for sale while there are active reservations.

The DVC Member further agrees that they will make full restitution to the guest and the Intermediary for any and all expenses related to a reservation cancellation caused by the failure of the DVC Member to honor any and all term of this agreement, including any fees and charges associated with the collection of said expenses.


DVC Member details:



Address: <INSERT>

City, State/Prov.: <INSERT>

Country/Postal Code:   <INSERT>

Home Phone: <INSERT>

Work Phone: <INSERT>

Mobile Phone <INSERT>

E-Mail Address:        <INSERT>

PayPal Account e-mail Address: <INSERT>

Emergency Contact: <INSERT>

Emergency Phone: <INSERT>

Emergency Email:  <INSERT> 

The following points are being made available for rental:

 Home Resort:        <INSERT>

Use Year:              <INSERT>

Year of Issue:        <INSERT>

Annual Allotment:  <INSERT>

Current Points:        <INSERT>   (including banked/borrowed: <INSERT> Points)

Future Points:        <INSERT>

Total to Rent:         <INSERT>

OK to Borrow:        <INSERT>

Price per point:      $13.00


Comments: <INSERT>