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Why DCV Rentals Makes So Much Sense

(and are such a great value)

If you are a vacationer looking to get an unmatched value for your magical, memory-filled vacation to Walt Disney World, you simply cannot beat the value and savings of renting a DVC Villa through Griswold’s Magical memories. You can enjoy your vacation at a fraction of the cost (in some cases up to 70% less) you would pay if you rented a DVC Villa directly through Disney Central reservations or another agent. And, your reservation is in your name, just as it would be if you booked it directly with Disney.

If you want a magical, memory-filled Walt Disney World vacation at a fraction of the typical cost, submit your reservation request today and watch us make it happen for you just as we have for scores of other vacationers.

DVC Members

Rent your unused Disney Vacation Club points today!

WDW Vacationers

WDW Resort Villas at a
fraction of Disney rates

What is DVC?

The Best Rental Prices at Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resorts


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DVC Rentals - Welcome to Griswold's Magical Memories - Disney Vacation Club rentals

We offer a very special and unique Disney Vacation Club rentals program ( DVC rentals ) that brings together Members of Disney Vacation Club and vacationers who would like to enjoy the deluxe Disney Vacation Club resorts by renting the owners’ unused Vacation Points.

     For vacationers, our service allows you and your family to enjoy an exclusive Walt Disney World vacation at their premiere villa properties for a fraction (sometimes as little as 1/3) of the cost of renting and reserving directly through Disney Central Reservations.

     For DVC Owners we provide a simple, hassle-free, turn-key and secure way to turn unused points into cash.

     We are a family-run team that collectively has made over 200 trips to Walt Disney World since 1972 providing us unparalleled insights, tips and information to help you make your vacation not only affordable at most any budget, but also magical and memorable for years to come. We take our name from our own favorite “Vacationers,” Clark, Ellen, Audrey, and Russ Griswold.